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Drift Blocker

Drift Blocker - Xbox One \ X \ S Controller

Drift Blocker - Xbox One \ X \ S Controller

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Comes with:
- 4 Drift Blocker disc pads
- Drift Blocker pouch

Drift Blocker helps keep the inner thumb stick fresh and dry, no matter what. Drift Blockers give long-lasting non-stop Stick Drift Protection, and non-stop confidence with awesome color choices to fit your gaming style. Whether you're having a long gaming session, or you're a casual gamer, you can be confident that with Drift Blocker you'll be protected from grimy stick drift. Designed by experts to be tough on sweat, but not on skin. It comes with easy-to-use disc pads - you simply slip over the thumbstick. Every time you move, Drift Blocker helps keep your controller fresh from grimy stick drift. DRIFT BLOCKER. It won't let you down.

Warning:  If you already have controller stick drift. Buy a new controller or repair the controller stick drift before installation of our product.

* Controller(s) NOT INCLUDED *

* Thumb stick(s) NOT INCLUDED *

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