My Story

Hello Gamers!

Vegas Johnson here. The creator of Drift Blocker. I live in Omaha, NE. I am a gamer at heart. One day I will grow up. LOL. NOT! I plan to be a 90-year-old gamer, who is still laying the smack down in the gaming world. I have gamed with a lot of gamers over the years. My gamer name is Vegasjohnson. If you see me in the lobbies say, What’s up!

What made me come up with Drift Blocker.

I thought I was being too hard on my gaming controllers. I took good care of my controllers, but they were not holding up. I asked, “Why is my aim off, why is my player moving sideways on its own, why can’t I move forward, why why why?” Over time the gaming world gave it a name. It was dubbed “Stick drift.”

I was buying controllers after controllers. I was spraying contact cleaner, using compressed can air, and using alcohol on my controllers. It worked at most a month and then had to repeat. I noticed some contact cleaners were melting or eating away the plastic parts inside of my controllers and buttons would stop working.


Drift Blocker came to life!

I knew it had to be a better solution. I searched and searched and could not find anything that was user friendly and didn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.

I sought out ways to extend my controllers life span and user friendly. I had gone through a few prototypes. First I had to figure out what am I cleaning, Why am I cleaning, How did it get there, and How to prevent it. Then I got it right. It felt weird at first not having to use contact cleaners and replace my controllers every few months.

I invested a lot of time and effort in to this, but I want to help the gaming community and share my invention with the world. I need your support. Thank you.

Any Streamer, Celebrities, TV personality, and Gamers, please share and repost to help get the word out.